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Keep Mum? What’s all that about? I hear you cry!

Hello and Welcome to Keep Mum!

As Brits we are intrinsically inclined (and encouraged) to keep a stiff upper lip, keep it under our hats, to KEEP MUM.
As such, we are a race of emotionally crippled, secretive pillocks (to put it British-ly).

Back in wartime Britain, loose lips could cost lives, now? It could save them! Hopefully, that’s where comes in!
Ultimately, this is a parenting blog, but it will likely cover other topics, from the point of view of someone that just so happens to be: a mum. After all- #shesnotsodumb.

I’ll be posting from the front line of parenting and all the things we absolutely should NOT keep mum about! (with a hint of vintage charm)

So, whether you’re a stay at home mum, a working mum or not a mum (or dad) at all, sit back and… think of England, Enjoy!

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